27 julio 2006

Danger: Mobile phone base station

(Getxo. Basque Country. Spain. Europe) We are a group of 500 neighbors requesting support information from all over the world, to avoid the installation of a base station (antenna) for mobile phones near Vizcaya Bridge (less than 90 meters). The monument was declared last mid July as a World Heritage.

The base station installation in the tile roof from a building close to the Vizcaya Bridge (also in all of roofs near people living), must be forbidden due to several reasons
1. - Electromagnetic radiations could be dangerous for people who live in the surroundings and the visitors/tourists around the monument. There is no scientific certainty, reason why we requested to apply the principle of caution.
2. - The electromagnetic emissions can interfere with communication systems of the Vizcaya Bridge and some accident between the ships on the river and the suspended gondola can be produced, putting in risk to several passengers (6 million annually cross the two borders of the river between Getxo and Portugalete).
3. - The aesthetic damage of the new base station is irreparable, since a tower that excels 5 meters (3 of antenna and 2 of the base) breaks the present skyline.
4. - We are free in our flats to decide if we want new electromagnetic radiations or not.
5. - Antenna operators make all maintenance works during the night, disturbing the rest of neighbors.

Our Country Hall prefers to make business rather than preserve its citizens health. If you have relevant information that could helps us, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail mailto:antenano.getxo@gmail.com

Thank you

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